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Category Archives: Love in a box

I was busy trying to get dressed when my guests arrived for Christmas dinner. I had been cooking all night, and afternoon, so I got my shower at the very last minute. By the time I got the fire going, the meal cooked, the presents wrapped, the candles lit, the table set, etc., I really needed a “Calgon take me away” moment. (If you’re too young, this won’t mean anything to you.)

My mom is an insulin dependent diabetic with lots of other health problems. She has rheumatoid and osteoarthritis also. Her legs have almost refused to work in the last couple of weeks, so she was not able to scale my stairs to the kitchen. (Yes, we have an upstairs kitchen. Long story-but we were in our 20’s and wanted a lake view from the kitchen and living room.) Great idea when you’re in your late 20s…not so great when you’re in your middle 50s. At any rate, I went down to the family room (where we were going to eat) and greeted her. She handed me a little unwrapped gift, much to my surprise. (This was in addition to a money gift she gave my husband and I for Christmas.) I couldn’t believe it. You know from my blog, how grumpy she had been all week, and almost mean at times. (Okay…mean for sure, at times.) Well it was a crystal teddy bear, holding a rose, in a little pink heart shaped box. She said, “Read what it says.”

I read the inscription in the top of the box:

“Always In My Heart”

I wonder if you know

How special you are?

You are so dear to me

Always in my heart.

(Very touching.) I think it was her way of apologizing for some of the things that have happened lately. And if I stop and think about this carefully, it may be that all the love I have been craving from her, is right here in a little heart shaped box.

(This one’s by Bette Midler, not LeAnn Rimes like it says)