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I set my alarm for an earlier time, and then decided to go back to sleep. I slept a very long time, and figure that I must have needed to.  I finally got a little decluttering done today, organized some Christmas purchases, and made a few of my Christmas baskets.

I love to take a theme for a person, and arrange things in a gift basket to suit them. The first gift basket that I gave this year, was for my counselor. I know that God placed us together, as she helped me during the days when my stepfather was in the hospital dying, and afterwards as I faced being a caregiver for my mom. I fixed her a lovely assortment of desk items. I included a letter opener, a business card holder for her office, and one for her purse, with a high heel shoe and a rhinestone on the front. (Very girly.) I also bought a fancy small stapler. The desk items had flowers and rhinestones on them, and they all matched. There was also a trinket box with sequins, an emerald green perfume bottle, some stationery, and a card. She means a lot to me, and her basket was important. She loved everything, and immediately took her business cards out of her plastic holder on her desk, and put them in the decorative one.

If you would like to read more ideas on Christmas baskets, here’s my article :

Tonight I played with a doll baby that I bought for a great niece. The baby made various sounds when you pushed its hands or feet, or gave it a bottle. (It cried, it giggled, it gurgled, and made one sound that I had my doubts about-lol.) I had the most fun with it, and my husband was quite amused also. It has been awhile since my daughter was a little girl, and I bought dolls for her.

I worked on my mom’s Christmas basket, and I was saddened that I no longer get to make one for my mother-in-law, as she is in assisted living in a town pretty far from us, in central Florida (near her 2 other sons), and doesn’t want or need a lot of extra items around, so we have been resigned to giving her pajamas or socks, or something of that nature (by request), but it just doesn’t seem right.

I also worked on a Christmas basket (with stocking stuffers) for my teenage daughter (19). I thought back over all the years that I bought her Christmas gifts, and filled her stockings. It seems so long ago, and yet it seems like yesterday. She has moved out again recently, and says she wants to spend Christmas Eve at home. I was glad that she wanted to be here for that night. We always have a simple, but enjoyable brunch on Christmas of warm cinnamon buns, orange juice and coffee. She remembers this tradition throughout the years, and doesn’t want to miss it. It is our best “immediate family” time.

So, as I am finally getting a little of the Christmas spirit, I find that memories are bittersweet. I miss my birth dad, my stepdad, my grandparents, and others who have gone on. I also think of all the ladies on our Grief Discussion Board who have lost their husbands (or another close loved one), and are fighting back the tears daily, during this holiday season. As sad as it is to be Moderator on the Main Board there, and to have to deal with death daily, it reminds me to never take my loved ones for granted, for we are not promised forever here on earth.

So, tomorrow I will continue my cleaning, trying to get the house prepared for Christmas guests, for food, and games and laughter (and sometimes tears.)

And I realize that I am the one who is the “glue” at this time for my family-the one who brings us all together to celebrate. I wonder how much longer we will continue to gather, and if it will end with my mother’s passing, because the group is already shrinking. But for now…I have an opportunity to create special memories for those I care about. And the greatest gift that I can give them is my love…