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Category Archives: childhood

Okay, so it’s not that my childhood was all that good, but it had its good moments. It had a lot of good moments the first 7 years, when my mom and I lived with my grandparents. (I don’t think they were particularly good moments for her, but they were the best years of my childhood.)  My parents divorced when I was two, and my mom and I lived with my grandparents for awhile. After that, I had to grow up much too fast.

My grandparents had flaws (as we all do) that were visible as I matured. But when I was a little girl, I didn’t see them. I only saw love in everything they did. My papa (pronounced “papaw”) always brought me Juicy Fruit gum when he came home from work, and my grandmother (who was more like my mother during those years) took such good care of me. She kept me so clean, that I took around a newspaper to sit on the ground (lol-probably the source of  my too hygienic nature these days.)

She and I had a kindergarten before the concept was so well known. We picked up pecans from the yard, pasted things on jars, sang and danced, and shared a lot of love. I used to sit in the kitchen while she baked a cake, waiting patiently to lick the spoon and bowl, but mostly just happy to be anywhere near her. She was love in its purest form. And it may truly be the greatest love I ever experienced in my life.

I remember her filling a small tub basin with water in the backyard in Macon, Georgia on sunny summer days, and letting me play in it. Could I have felt more secure? Most probably not.

Life was so good, and I knew nothing else. I could not know the pain that life would bring, or the sorrow I would have to endure as I grew. I only knew security, and I was allowed for a short while, to be an innocent little girl, in a pink sun-suit and a pony tail. It was the most secure time of my life, and sometimes when I’m feeling blue, I go back there in my mind, and remember what it was like to be happy and little…

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