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In a recent post to a blog friend of mine, I reminded him of the importance of keeping a sense of wonder and amazement at the world around us. That’s why it’s so much fun to be with children.  They are not jaded by life; they are full of excitement, because everything is new to them.

As adults, we have to fight to keep that wonder, and to not view life as a continual rerun. Each day can have at least a moment of awe. It’s about finding the sacred in the simple things–the extraordinary in the ordinary. It’s there, if we’ll look for it.

Just because we’re getting older (and who isn’t?) doesn’t mean that we have to lose our sense of amazement at the world around us. Yes, there is the loneliness, pain, and grief, but there is also a blue sky, the wind, and the night stars. Don’t miss them for even a moment.

I was looking at the water one night recently, and the navy blue sky above it, when I noticed just one bright, twinkling star, shining as if even the moon didn’t exist.

There is so much competition in this world, so many ways to feel inadequate or overlooked, and yet we can shine for all we’re worth (like that star), and bring light to our corner of the world. The sky may be dark, but it just makes our light seem that much brighter.

Keep shining!



  1. Hi Sparkle
    We had the same experience with the ‘star’ from here, too, just at the end of last month.

    Here’s a recent view from my front steps, taken just after dusk on 30th December — it’s Jupiter, just above and to the west of the moon.

  2. Wow Roads–what a fantastic picture! So that “star” is the planet Jupiter? Sort of shoots my theory of how one little “star” can shine so brightly! Too funny! LOL! (It’s an entire planet!)

    Well perhaps mine was just a tiny star, for the sake of the post.(Grin.)Thanks for the terrific photo! Sparkle

  3. Sparkle,
    How wonderful…
    Life “is” a journey and we can choose to accept that it can be a wonderful journey, despite the challenges, the grief, the pain, the hurt, etc. I think something I posted to you a while back hit a cord somewhere with a friend of yours but when I said you were on a wonderful journey, I meant it. Perhaps not quite in the way it was taken I think but certainly, this post of yours says it all…and was exactly what I meant at the time. We can take life and we can forever beat ourselves up and look at the negative sides of a situation or we can use them to grow stronger – to find our amazement in every day despite our struggles and heartache. So glad you have the ability to see the wonder in life as well. Stay strong Sparkle…
    This post was indeed encouraging! God bless you~

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