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I was feeling nostalgic tonight, so I found some of Dylan’s music, and cranked it up. My first true love (who later became my first husband) was crazy about Dylan. I tried so hard to “get it” (his music), but found his voice like fingernails on a chalkboard. But since Gary dug him, I dug him. And before long, I understood his incredible talent of expressing the thoughts of an entire generation. He was our spokesman. (More of a poet and a prophet, if you will.) Dylan was unique–totally one of a kind. As you look at some of his pictures in “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” you’ll see that he was just plain…well…cool.

Many times I’ve wished that I had the courage to be as free as he was. To be as “me” as he was. He had a style that no one could imitate, though many have tried. Listen for a moment…

All right, now write a report on the meaning of that song…Yeah. But some of his songs had clear, profound meanings that couldn’t be missed, like this next one. It was all about the times that were changing…

Well, even if you couldn’t fully interpret it, you got the feeling, right? There have never been times such as those. A very exciting time to be young-to have a different way of looking at things. Even pretending to be a flower child was fun, when I lived in Atlanta. I would work for the establishment Monday through Friday, and then put on my moccasins, blue jeans, and fringe jacket, and hang out on the weekends, in Piedmont Park at the concerts, or on the streets downtown, by the co-ops. I’d buy incense and candles, sing in the coffeehouse called Twelfth Gate, and life was good. The hippies would glare at me during the week, snarling at me, as they begged for a handout, on my way to lunch. I guess they couldn’t see that beneath those “establishment clothes”, there was a heart that longed to be free. (Well, as long as I could take a bath every day. Grin. Hey, “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right…”)

He had a way with love songs too (sort of) like this one:

Thanks for indulging my walk down memory lane. Maybe it’s because my birthday is November 19th, and I’m reflecting on my life lately. Whatever the reason, we’ll have to do it again someday, with another artist. I’ll close with this Dylan benediction, because when I go back in time, and remember those carefree days, I feel “Forever Young.” Yes I do

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  1. Too Cool!!! I’m a Bob Dylan fan as well. Not too many in my generation have even heard of him, though (was born in 1966). My favorite son is “Tangled Up in Blue”.

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