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Rob and I looked for furniture today for my mom’s assisted living apartment. We found a beautiful red recliner for the companion chair to Betty’s recliner lift chair.  I was thinking of using burgundy/red and blue for her primary colors, and the chair will blend in nicely. There is just enough room for 2 chairs in her sitting area.

We decided to use Chelsea’s beautiful white and gold furniture, because the scale is perfect, and it will brighten her room, where dark furniture would be depressing. Chelsea’s furniture is absolutely lovely, and the pieces that we need for Betty’s room are there (including a small lingerie chest for Betty’s closet.) Many of the residents had large chest of drawers in their closets. This lingerie chest will be perfect, and still give her room to use her closet freely, as well. We have bedside tables (either one or two) depending on how tightly the bed fits in the space. It will be gorgeous in her room. I hope that after she is gone (though I pray that she’s here for a long while yet), I can use it once again in my house, as I have always loved  this set.

We are also thinking of setting up a work table for her, where she can fiddle with her business papers,  sort her mail, and read her newspaper. This is one of her greatest joys! I plan to have a small Bistro table for us to eat at as well. (This is all dependent on if  I can make it all fit, since we are dealing with a very small space.)

We actually purchased the compact refrigerator and microwave tonight. We also looked at a queen mattress set, and haven’t settled on that yet. We got so much done, and even got to eat at Olive Garden. I am so tired, but very pleased with all our decisions.

There are many household items she will need, but some can be brought from her home, such as towels, kitchen accessories, plates, etc. I will need to buy some new lamps also, and bedding, including queen sheets. (Anytime you set up housekeeping, there is so much to do.) Did I once have a life???? LOL!

I just hope that she will not fall again, so that she can enjoy every moment of life she has left. When we are young, it seems like life will go on forever, but actually we are only here for a very short time. We will all grow old one day…

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