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(My dear friend and fellow blogger, Linda, wrote an insightful post about the luggage of grief, and I responded with my thoughts on the subject. See her blog here:

Now for my musings:

I write because I have to-in order to survive. Since I started blogging, I have found such a release for all the craziness that has been my life, for several years now. The journey keeps throwing me dusty, winding trails, paths that are uncleared (jungle-like), and roads of sorrow that have no end it seems. But what can I do but journey on? What can any of us do, right?

Be sure your suitcase has wheels, for the times when it is far too heavy to carry (which is most of the time, I’m sure.) Just drag it behind you, a step at a time, because much of life’s joys and horrors are in it. It is both a treasure chest, and burdensome baggage, but it is what our life is comprised of, and there is perhaps little that we would part with, once we have gotten rid of the superficial.

It is our life experience that makes us who we are, and while we replace our suitcases now and then, some of the content will forever be a part of our journey-memories and faded photographs, love and longing, heartbreak and hope, joy unspeakable, sorrow unspeakable, doubt and faith, life and death.

We can decide when to open it, though at times its contents spill out, and we cannot contain them. Our most private articles sometimes come tumbling out for all the world to see. (A bit embarrassing, but also a bit freeing as well.) For once they have seen the underwear, how shocking can anything else be? And after that, we don’t really care, and if they are judgmental, then who needs them?

Perhaps then, it is time to “repack” and bring a bit of order to the chaos, realizing that it won’t stay neat for very long. Living is messy. For such is the journey-we are weak from the effort, but in some strange way, also strengthened. If we are still standing, it is a victory. (Sometimes just breathing is enough.)

But we must rest along the way, and find an inn where we can eat, sleep, and commune with our Lord. There are times of refreshing that are so necessary in the journey. Times to light a candle and have a cup of tea. Times to reflect and renew our spirit, so that we can continue on. Times to lighten the load.

Sometimes we pull the suitcase, and other times it pulls us–beckoning us onward in the search for understanding and truth…

I journey on…

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