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So today was the day we saw the Ortho doctor, for the first follow-up appointment since my mom’s hip surgery. For those just joining me, my mom broke her right foot and left leg, and had been in a nursing home, temporarily, for rehab. Just before she was to be released, she fell one night on the way to the bathroom, and broke her right hip. She needed surgery this time, and it has been a long, long journey back.

The news was good today, though the “Ortho Shrew” was back to being a “semi-shrew” again. She didn’t have much to say about the terrible spasms, that my mom has been experiencing, in her leg and hip. She practically shrugged her shoulders at it. But she did seem to think that the healing progress was very good. We got to look at the X-rays, and as big as you please, we were able to see the rod and screws that were inserted to hold the hip together. It was amazing. After the doc left the room, I rolled my mom closer to the x-ray light board, and pointed out the screws to her.

The doctor said it would be approximately 6 more weeks, before she would begin to feel like herself again, and I believed she hinted at 4-6 weeks for rehab, though the nursing home has hinted at possibly 3 more weeks. I hope they don’t send her home too quickly, because she needs to be as steady on her feet as possible, to avoid another injury when she goes home. I hope she will be agreeable to use her walker in the house now, and will take every precaution. I know that she doesn’t want to get hurt again.

I asked the doctor if we could possibly get a script for a wheelchair, as there would be many times, when I took her out, that it would be safer to wheel her, than to have her walk, such as at the mall. She did write a prescription for one, so that was good.

My mom had not eaten since breakfast, and she is an insulin dependent diabetic. I pilfered some candy kisses off the receptionist at the Ortho doctor’s office, fearing that she could go low, without something sweet. After her appointment, I wheeled her across the street to the nursing home, and then went to the Waffle House to get take out food. Then I went back to the nursing home, carrying 2 coffees, 2 cups of grits, and 2 trays of food. I had to somehow manage to get all of this, and my mom (in a wheelchair) over to the atrium. But it wasn’t easy. I got a basket, and put the coffees and the grits in it (and put that in my mom’s lap), and then I put the bag (with the trays of food) over the handlebars of the wheelchair, and off we went. Thank the Lord for the escape we can sometimes make to the Residential Atrium–(a much cheerier place than the nursing home.)

They got our order almost correct, with the exception of not including sweet and low for my mom’s coffee. (She was not happy about that. Sometimes I think I’m losing my mind these days, as I can’t seem to think of everything that I need to. There’s just too much to compute.) But we enjoyed the food, and certainly needed it, as it was almost 4 p.m., and neither of us had eaten since breakfast.

My mom was in a blue “funk” today for some reason. (That place does that to you some days.) We sometimes think that they stay up at night, thinking of ways to torment us. LOL! They changed transportation plans on us several times, and we always feel crazy trying to keep up with all their mistakes and changes. I finally just decided to wheel her back to the nursing home, as it was easier (and faster) than trying to coordinate transportation. Besides, my mom had gotten very cold waiting in the doctor’s office, and it was good for her to be in the warmth of the sunshine.

The day is almost over now, and I am exhausted. I have been trying to do far too much again. I coughed for 6 hours straight last night, and have had a cold (or horrible allergies) for a month. Tomorrow, I have a doctor’s appointment in Panama City (a 2 hour drive), and the truth is, I have not taken care of myself lately, because there is no time for that. I am a diabetic also, and have high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, high cholesterol, reflux disease,  a very high A1c, and general poor health, because of so much stress. It takes a lot out of a person to live two lives. (I can hardly manage one, I admit.) But you do what you have to do, and more than that, I do it for love-love of my widowed mom, who needs me now more than ever.

I am exhausted emotionally and physically, and my health is reflecting that. I know that I cannot do more than I have, and I fear that I will be even busier, and more stressed when my mom returns home, because I know she will be there on her own (by choice), and I will have to keep a very watchful eye on her, (which I have always done, to the best of my ability.) The risks are even greater now.  So I am glad that I can lean on God for the support and strength that I need daily.

My mom got a new roommate today–a very pleasant 82 year old French lady, who is a bit like Sophie (that we adored), and nothing like Addie (who we didn’t.) I am glad that it is not another person with extreme dementia or Alzheimer’s, as that is so wearing on the person in the room, and even on their families, when they visit. Truthfully, who you have as a roommate is so important to your well being, and happiness, in the nursing home environment, and I think this will be a good match. Perhaps it will cheer my mom up, to have someone pleasant to talk to again.

She was very tired, as it was a very long day. And as I was leaving, with one foot out the door, she called loudly to me, “Wait, wait…”

I turned to answer, and she said, “Come give me a hug.”

I did, and that made the whole day a success. That was her way of saying “thank you.” She then said, “I love you.”

(We have been through so much together, that it is sometimes difficult to know where she leaves off, and I begin.) We are bonded through our experiences, and more than that, through our deep love and commitment to each other.

The bond that a mother and child share is like no other. A mother is our first memory, and we are their last (and all the ones in between.) Though disagreements may occur, just let someone else try to hurt either one of us, and there will be hell to pay. When all the other friends are gone, there will always be a mother waiting with open arms, and when her last hope is almost gone, there will always be her child, to see her through.

And forever it will be you and me against the world…

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