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Well, after 5 glorious days away, spent simply-reading, enjoying the view, resting, and just doing nothing, it’s time to join the real world. But not for long actually! Wednesday through Sunday of this week, Rob and I are going to take a mini stay home vacation, and another one in August. This only requires 3 days out of the office for him (though he will never actually pull that off.) We will just rest and do relaxing fun things. My daughter, Chelsea calls it a staycation. How brilliant!

Rob’s leg was hurting badly for the last few days, and I made him get it checked. Turns out he has a torn ligament and tendon most probably. He will get an MRI and an X-ray and go back in 2 weeks. (In the meantime-anti-inflammatory drugs, heat, and a knee wrap will have to do.) I guess this is good news, as I was worried about a blood clot. (We are both wondering if this could have resulted from the quinolone drugs he has been given several times lately, as they cause spontaneous tendon ruptures, and he has done nothing to possibly hurt his knee.) I also have had these drugs for my UTIs a lot lately. They seem to be every doc’s drug of choice these days. I knew they caused ankle tendon injuries and arm tendons, but would not be surprised to learn of other tendon injuries as well.  The FDA just made them put a stronger warning about this on the drug information sheet. But doctors don’t seem to care. It’s so frustrating!!! They always make fun of me when I ask for something else, and rarely give it to me, since quinolones (Cipro, Levaquin, and a host of others) are broad spectrum antibiotics. Never mind that they cause tendons to snap, and sometimes long after the drug is finished. Grrrrr…..

My mom is more settled this week, though rapidly getting antsy again to go home (from the nursing home.) See previous posts for an adventurous scenario of her broken right foot, and broken left leg. It has been anything but dull. We will meet with a social worker to discuss a “care plan” on Friday at 11:00 a.m.

Even our “staycation” will have to adapt to interruptions, as there is no way to totally get away from all that is happening lately. So we will treasure the moments. I believe that happiness truly occurs in moments, rarely entire days. The trick is not to miss the miracles in those moments…

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  1. Wow, Lonnette. Lots going on, indeed. Good to catch up with you again. I haven’t spent much time with my blog friends lately. Just too low. I know you know. Take care of yourself…and everyone else. Linda

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