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Finally, I was able to get a few days away from all the chaos, and I have had the most wonderful time just resting, reading, and playing on my laptop. I checked into a local motel that I love. Nothing fancy, but it is on the bay, and I actually got a room on the second floor with a view of the water. I have been here since late Monday night, and I’ll check out Sunday, so I basically have one more day. My husband, Rob, joined me for dinner in the room on Wednesday night, and tonight (Friday.) He will be back tomorrow evening. This has been wonderful for him (and us) also.

He loves to tease me, saying I bring 2 suitcases, and an 18 wheeler full of decorations. (He is so right.) I love to make a hotel room feel like home, so I bring all my favorite things-candles, books, music, flowers, and a few decorative Victorian touches.  

Thank the Lord there have been no major crisis moments while I was here. My mom has been a little more settled, as she has the sweetest roommate. Together they face whatever a day holds in the nursing home. Lots of therapy, of course, but also some fun. Sophie, the roommate went to play Bingo this afternoon, but my mom was too tired, and opted to stay in her room and call me. We had a nice long conversation, and all in all, I found her spirits to be good. She was disappointed yesterday, as the therapist had arranged to move her appointment with the Ortho Doc-(Miss Shrew) up from the 24th of July. They felt that my mom was not keeping the brace on properly, and also putting too much weight on the broken foot. Part of the reason the brace is not doing well, is because it is too big. But since she has large arthritic knees, they had to give her a larger brace to fit them. However, she says that this is causing the brace to slip down.   She has been trying to walk on her toes on the broken foot, but as you can imagine, it is difficult for someone already somewhat off balance. The therapist was hoping that they could move the Ortho appointment up, and that some of the restrictions could be removed. But they called from the Ortho Doc’s office, just before the appointment, and said that after reviewing the records, it had not been long enough to tell anything from an x-ray yet about the healing process. This, of course, did not sit well with Betty, who had already informed them that she wasn’t  going to be at the nursing home on the 24th. She announced that she would be home. So, we will see…
I wish she wouldn’t be so stubborn. Of course, I understand her desire to go home, but her current situation is so much better there. She has a very nice roommate, and a very cozy room, with some feeders and a birdhouse outside a big window, by her bed. It is very important that she gets as much therapy as necessary, so that she won’t fall again when she gets home. Next time she might not be as fortunate as to not need surgery, or a cast. This time she just has to wear a leg brace, and a special shoe for the broken foot. (As bad as it is, it could have been much worse.)
I received a call from a social worker this afternoon, saying that they would be having a care plan meeting for my mom next Friday at 11:00 a.m. and they would like for me to be there. (Rob is going to take Wednesday through Friday off next week, so that we can have a mini vacation at home. We plan to do this in August as well because we won’t be able to get away this summer. So he can come with me to the meeting. I hope they will offer some home health aides, as my mom will have a difficult time getting around at home for quite some time. She usually turns down the light housekeeping, but I sure hope she doesn’t  this time, as she really could use the help with vacuuming or whatever they offer. But again, she is quite stubborn, so again, we’ll see…
I want to end on a good note, by saying that I have had a lovely, peaceful few days away, and I am so thankful to God (and Rob) for this. The past 3 years have been the most difficult of my life, and I need to make some changes so that my health does not deteriorate any more. I  still don’t know all the anwers, but I will trust God to show me (a little at a time) what is best.
Everyone needs a chance to have their spirit and body restored , and I only wish it could have been longer… 

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  1. Lonnie just wrote you a email but they wont go thru. Austy is still here 22 more days we are having a ball ! Got on a ball team , so we have been at ball games 3 night a week . never have we spent 1 night wo a buddy over. Usually 5-8 boys a day . Will be so so hard to go back to the deathing silence again .God give me strenght for then !

    Glad your getting much deserved peace & rest .

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