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Some intense family problems have developed today, and I feel that I cannot take anymore. I made an appointment to see my counselor tomorrow, and I have to take a break. The stress of 3 years of this has been overwhelming, and I feel like I am on the verge of emotional and physical collapse. I will still write in my blog, but not precisely about this situation. I have had a really emotional, exhausting day, and have pretty much hit the wall. All prayers are greatly appreciated. Please check back if you are one of my daily readers, as I will be writing often–just not about this. I have had it, and my heart is totally broken…

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  1. Lonnie, I am so so sorry for what ever has risen. Just know you are in my every thought & prayer,Turn it over to the higher power hun you know he will take care of you .Sending you lots of hugs & love , Your Friend Sandy

  2. I am so sorry that the wall finally appeared and it was so tall and hard…I understand about hitting this wall. It has a sicking sound when it is hit. You are in my prayers. I am hoping for words of wisdom from the counsel that you receive and I hope for rest in your body, mind and spirit that is so desparatly needed…
    Your friend

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