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Today I could not go one more step. I asked Rob if he could call my mom, and stay in touch with her about the transfer from the hospital to the nursing home. I was exhausted from all the events of last week, and from being at the hospital so late last night. I had some chest pains last night and today-fatigue and anxiety no doubt. I had already packed everything that she wasn’t actively using, so I knew that part was taken care of.

It turns out that it was a good day to collapse. They did not complete the transfer until around 7:00 p.m. I know very little at this point. What I do know I have mixed feelings about, but I feel that God will once again make a way, where there is no way. She was transferred to a nursing home, which is right across from the hospital, and right next to the clinic where all her doctors are. As far as being able to get to her, it is convenient. It is a combined retirement home and nursing care facility. I have heard less horror stories about it, than some of the others. There is no intermediate care, such as assisted living there.

My only familiarity with it is-many years ago I went there to perform sign language worship to music at Christmas time, (for a program for the “inmates”-dear, sweet people, who unfortunately that day were mostly comatose.) It was so sad. But the program was so greatly appreciated by those who could enjoy it, as well as the staff.

In the retirement home facility, there is a beautiful atrium with lots of plants, from what I remember. (Though I doubt we can access that part.)

Now for the disturbing news…Betty is the fourth person in a room.  (I did not even know there were nursing home situations with four people in a room! (Another shock for sure.) They said that the only “female bed” available was that situation. But with God’s favor, there may be a way to soon get her into a semi-private room. Rob made friends with the 2-10 nurse, who said that there is a man in the nursing home, who had been paying for a room with two beds, so that he could have a private room. Can you imagine? He must be quite well-to-do. There was also a lady who actually had a private room (most unusual in any nursing home) and she just died. So the rich man will be moving into her previous room, and that will free up his room for two patients. (How Betty would receive any preferential treatment, if there were others there before her, I don’t know, except that she has Medicare and Blue Cross-Blue Shield. And of course…lots of prayer.) So we will see how it goes…(I asked Rob if he batted his beautiful baby blue eyes at the nurse, to pull some strings-lol. He is a charmer.) 🙂

As to the phone arrangements, I will have to see to that tomorrow. Not sure yet, but I’m assuming that each patient has a phone. To my relatives that are reading this, I will let you know the number, as soon as I find out something.

So that’s it for today, just a long day of my mom waiting for transfer. We will see what tomorrow brings, trusting that God will make a way where there seems to be no way…




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