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Well, I started the day saying, “God, I sure hope you’ll be faithful today to help us find a solution to my mom’s care.” Then I apologized and said, “God-you are always faithful, and I know that you will be faithful today as well.” And He was…

My husband and my brother got my mom in the car today for her Orthopedic appointment-(not an easy accomplishment.) I met them at the doctor’s office. When I arrived, they had taken her back to x-ray, and she was in a lot of pain. But it wasn’t the leg where we were told the break was.  It was her left knee that was tormenting her, and she kept telling them that last night, but they just ignored her.  Today, she was very afraid of falling off the x-ray table. She is a very strong woman, and doesn’t scare easily, but I have seen fear in her eyes twice in the last couple of days, when people have tried to move her. She is extremely frightened right now of falling again, and she is in intense pain.

The Orthopedic doctor that we were referred to was a prima donna of the worst kind. She was rude and inhumane. But her anger was more at the ER people than at us-though I found it difficult to tell the difference. It seems that my mom does have a broken right foot, but the other break (a fracture) is in the area of her (you guessed it…left knee-the one she kept complaining about.)  Can you believe it? If it was in a sitcom, you wouldn’t think such a thing could happen, but at this hospital anything is possible. There was no break in the right leg apparently, and yet they were having her put all her weight on her left leg (where the break actually was.) The doctor was fit to be tied with how things were handled in the ER. She said that what should have happened is that my mom should have been admitted last night. Because she wasn’t, the protocol with Medicare and the insurance company was not handled correctly, and it was going to be a mess trying to figure out how to get her in the hospital at this point. I explained that she could not even take one step, and that we could not keep lifting her to get to the bathroom. She was fussing and fuming about a lot of things, and I was on the brink of tears. I had had enough of all of it. I am so tired of being treated so badly by the medical community. I think that the insurance companies have made them so furious that they take it out on patients and families. Whatever the reason, there was no excuse for her to act like she did, and I have a feeling that she is like that all the time.

At any rate, I asked, “So do we contact her primary care physician? What do we do?” She motioned for her nurse to come outside the door, and in a few minutes they said that they had contacted my mom’s physician (who is in the same clinic), and that we were to go down to his office. She removed the brace from my mom’s right leg, and put it on the left. She put the support shoe on the right foot. The nurse gave me some prescriptions for a wheelchair and some other ortho things.

A word of explanation about my mom’s present physician. My mom and dad had a physician that they loved dearly for about 10 years. When my dad was dying in the hospital, from complications of a triple heart bypass, this physician was resigning, and went on to be one of the admitting hospital physicians. So we lost him at that point. We had to have another doctor immediately, and in that same clinic.  We ended up with a doctor who was so gruff that he made my mom cry the first visit. (She does not cry easily.) We had been told that he was brilliant, but his bedside manner turned out to be less than appealing. We decided to try and tough it out, and eventually won him over–the most a doctor like him can be won over. We found that writing all of our questions on a paper, and presenting them to him that way worked. He doesn’t like to be asked questions, but somehow I manage to get a few in. That’s so ridiculous because a patient, their families, and the doctor need to be able to talk freely. I never  waste their time with unnecessary talking or questions.)

So after “Miss Prima Donna” Orthopedic Doc left the room, the nurse said we were headed for the primary care physician’s office, and that he had arranged to have my mom admitted to the hospital, because that is the only way we could get her checked into to a nursing care facility, and have it covered by Medicare and the insurance. Protocol. Protocol. Protocol.

So she will presently spend about 2 or 3 days in the hospital, and then be transferred to a nursing/rehab facility until she can walk again, or at least be more mobile somehow. We will have no choice where she will be. It will be strictly based on who has a bed available. Oh joy!

I am so thankful tonight because we had no finances to bring in full time care. No one can afford it–no one…(When my dad died, there was no life insurance, and her only real asset is her small home.) And home health care would not be sufficient in the shape she’s in. She can’t get to the bathroom on her own, or even stand up alone. Home health aides only stay a short while.  We simply could not care for her as she needed to be cared for. I am worried about where she will be transferred to for her nursing care–very worried. But I will have to put those thoughts on the back burner for now, and just take one day at a time. The Bible says, “So never worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34 (ISV Version) Isn’t that the truth? I believe God doesn’t give us the grace we need ahead of time, but it will be there as we need it. Grace for one day is enough.

For now, my mom has 2 or 3 days in a private room. (God must have surely provided that-as no one gets a private room these days.)  She so deserved that after what she has been through. And though she complained about her dinner tasting bitter, she is pretty content for the moment, and I must try to be also, and get some much needed rest…

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