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“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward. For it is there that you have been, and it’s there that you will always long to be.” Leonardo DaVinci

There are so many ways for a soul to fly, and most of them are without earthly wings.  But once you have flown, you will always desire to fly. To succeed at something you’ve put your heart into, is to soar.  But so is to give of yourself unselfishly. To persistently pursue your dreams is to fly, but so is to help someone achieve theirs. To rise above the superficial is to glide on air, but so is to pull someone from the mud (even though you get dirty yourself.)

To write poetry and prose is to float on the breezes, but so is to read to a child. To sing and dance, and run freely, is to be released from the bounds of earth, but so is to care for the elderly, who can no longer do any of those things, except in their imagination. (You can take them there.)

To see the face of God in heaven, seems the greatest flight, but for someone else to see Him in you is even greater. He will give you spiritual wings to transcend the things of this earth, but He will always send you back, to teach someone else how to fly…

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