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“Barn’s burnt down–

 Now I can see the moon.”       Japanese poet Masahide 

What does it mean? I see so much in it that I can hardly contain all my thoughts. I see tragedy (the burned down barn), but I also see hope (I can now see the moon.) Apparently the moon was not visible while the barn was standing. Barns are certainly nice, but if they block the moon…

I also look at it another way. The barn burned down (tremendous loss), but now I see the moon (something is gained.) Even though something horrible has happened, something good came out of it. I see optimism in the statement.

Another way to interpret it is: I thought the barn was so important, but I didn’t realize that it was actually hiding the moon. What treasure is hidden from our vision? What have we failed to see? What have we missed? Sometimes we are so busy building structures, that we don’t realize what we’ve blocked out, or walled off.  It takes tremendous material loss sometimes, to appreciate the transcendent things of life.

But then there’s the grief. The barn burned down, and now I can see the moon…but I really miss the barn. We’ve all been there. Trying desperately to find anything that can assure us that our loss is not as bad as we think it is. While the moon will provide a beautiful light for awhile, it cannot erase the sorrow we feel over the loss of the barn, and all that it represented–warmth, security, protection, and shelter. It can only lessen our pain temporarily.

The lesson? When your barn burns down, look for the moon. Enjoy it, see its beauty, and believe in the hope it brings, but do not forever repress your grief over the burned down barn…

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  1. Even in the depths of disaster there are opportunities. And there always is a brighter future – even if often you won’t find it where you expect to, or even where you want to find it.

    But it’s definitely there.

  2. Now I Can See The Moon .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

  3. Hi. Thought you might like my new song cause the chorus is masahide’s poem…

    Barns Burnt Down 

    [audio src="" /]

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