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As most of you know, I’ve been trying to change my lifestyle in many ways. Eating better, exercising, and losing weight. I feel really good about the changes that I have implemented. I am eating very good nutritional food–no sugar, white flour, white bread, white potatoes, white rice, corn or starchy vegetables. I eat lean meat, vegetables (including beans), low sugar fruit, soups and salads. My weight loss has been nothing to shout about, which makes me want to scream, but if I continue to eat right and exercise, it has to come off right? (I’ve lost 2 lousy pounds.) I have exercised a lot, but can step that up even more also. I am doing pretty good with my sleep schedule. I’ve had about 3 slip ups, which isn’t bad for someone who was staying up all night fairly often, and sleeping in the day. Since I’ve changed my sleep schedule, I’m getting a lot more done, and I look forward to each day! I’ve gotten a lot more writing done at a time when I feel brighter and more energetic.

I asked my doctor if I got to my ideal weight, would I eventually still have to go on the needle (insulin) as a long time Type 2 diabetic? I also asked her what my ideal weight would be. At first, she said, 102. I had to laugh because I was very small in high school, and weighed 115 pounds. At 102, my husband would have to use a magnifying glass to find me! LOL! Then she said that was the low side for my height. (About height…I don’t have any.) I’m a whopping 5’2″. (So you can see the problem.) I presently weigh about 186, but I wear it pretty well, and don’t look too fat. She then changed my ideal weight to 138 on the high end. (My choice would be 135.) So I have quite a way to go, but with God’s help, I can do it!!!

The greatest news is…she said that if I get to my ideal weight, I could not only avoid the needle, but I could come off of some of my other meds, and I am on a lot. All my conditions go together–high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, low thyroid (treated), acid reflux, etc. Weight loss will improve everything! I am on way too many meds, so it would be great to come off of some of them eventually. I hate taking all these medicines.

She did add another dose of Glucophage ER (Metformin), so now I take (2) 500 mg tablets of Glucophage, and one tablet of Januvia for diabetes. Perhaps the added Glucophage will help to bring down the blood sugar even more. It is coming down, but very slowly. (And I had numbers in the 250s to 300.)

Unfortunately, I found out that the vertigo (dizziness) that I have been suffering from, is due to a sinus infection, so once again, I have to take antibiotics. I am so tired of this, and worry that I am taking far too many, but I have no choice. I just got over antibiotics for a second urinary tract infection (since December.) And so it goes. 😦

So I have my work cut out for me, and it’s never been easy for me to lose weight, but if I do my part, I will eventually have success. I am committed to this way of eating, and my husband loves it also, so he is a great support. (He says that if I get down to 138, he’ll have to go on high blood pressure medicine! Cause I’ll look so good.) LOL! 

Please pray for me to achieve my goals. I go back in early July. No, I won’t have lost all the weight by then.  Not even close.  But I’ll be happy with whatever I achieve, as we have a vacation during that time also. I need to lose slow and steady for it to stay off, and be a healthy weight loss.

So my whole life is changing drastically–sleep schedule, eating habits, and exercise schedule. I like the changes, and am feeling better. Change is good…

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