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I wonder how different our lives would be, if we dedicated ourselves to making every moment count? I was reading a blog this morning, about a man whose wife was dying of breast cancer. He talked about taking pictures of her (with her children) one day in the park, and realizing that those would be the pictures (captured in time) that the children would remember her by. It almost broke my heart, thinking how poignant that realization must have been to him, as he snapped the bittersweet photographs. His blog is here:

Many of us who have lost loved ones, have realized that we are not promised tomorrow. We can’t live in the past, we’re uncertain about the future-so all we really have is now. When we are young, we have so many dreams and plans. Life is a big treasure chest, beckoning us to pick out a prize. But as we get older, and time passes, we realize that we have probably lived longer, than the years we have left. That’s a scary thought, though a worthwhile one. What if suddenly there was no future to count on? Would you live your life differently?  What if you developed a terminal disease? Well guess what? We’re all terminal. We all have a certain amount of time to be here (though none of us know how many days.) Maybe we should start living our lives as though we understand that there will be an end. Instead of putting things off into some future never-land, why not do them now? Why not decide right now what really matters, and make that your highest priority?

It’s certainly worth thinking about. When time is short, it isn’t your job you care about, and it certainly isn’t a world cruise, or making and spending more money.  It’s usually about God and relationships. You want to spend every moment possible with those you love. The ordinary things become so important–all those things that you took for granted for so long. You cherish each day, each breath.

So why can’t we live like that now, while there’s still time left? Why can’t we tell people we love them, laugh as much as possible, cry like a river when needed, and breathe in all of life that we possibly can? There is much that is sacred in the ordinary, but you have to have eyes to see it, and a heart that seeks to search beyond the superficial.

I challenge you today, to begin to live your life, thanking God for each new opportunity, and looking for the beauty in the ordinary…

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  1. Thank you for these lines, Lonnette. Your words here echo and amplify my thoughts exactly.

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