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After a day and a night of struggling with the new dashboard and format at WordPress, I know I’m not alone in my frustration. WordPress was one of those sites that was simple to navigate, for those of us who are learning computer technology the hard way–through trial and error. It was a very easy format to use, and everything was just fine. Then in the early hours of Saturday morning, a monster came into our lives (the “New Dashboard”.) To say we experienced a few problems would be an understatement of great proportions. The first thing I noticed was that SpellCheck was missing. The next thing I noticed, was there was quite a delay at times, between the time I typed some of my words, and the time they actually appeared on the screen. (No big problem right?) Then I noticed that I could no longer have my videos show up on the blog page. I could only leave a link, which is not nearly as nice for blogging. Then I discovered that once I had published my post, my screen would freeze completely if I tried to edit it. And trying to fill in the category words takes half a century–the page freezes between each one.  Well allrighty then… What’s not to like?????

Finally, I discovered that everytime I tried to click on “Write” from my dashboard, my screen would freeze, and I couldn’t post a thing. (How I got in here now is anybody’s guess.)

I am tired of technology. I am tired of having to update everything, every minute, when there’s nothing wrong with it in the first place-(the old “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” thing.) New is not always better. Dependable is better.  You should not need tranquilizers to operate your blog. (Neither should you have to be a rocket scientist.) When support answered my post, they stated that I needed to give my browser type, and my OS type and version numbers.  I knew my browser, but beyond that, I didn’t know what they were asking. (I am not computer savvy. I taught myself what little I know. My mother taught me the rest.) LOL! I thought at this point that OS might refer to a phrase going around the forums (Oh S…) (Sorry, I had to say it.) At any rate, many of us apparently don’t even speak computer well enough to get proper help. LOL!

So here I am, knowing that some of this will get fixed, but still feeling angry. (Heck, I have trouble getting stamps out of the machine these days.) As I said in a post to WordPress, it’s not the fact that the dashboard is new, it’s the fact that the new dashboard doesn’t work!

I want to be a writer, not a computer nerd. I want to be able to put my thoughts on paper without losing my eyesight, and getting a headache. I want to be able to publish my blog without an aerobic workout to my heart, due to stress. Perhaps an old adage might apply here: “Keep it simple…ummmm…(WordPress)…”

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  1. For the first time, i feel the same with you about this update. but after learning several hour, it’s ok.
    btw, this is a great article, i agree with you, we dont need an update when there’s nothing wrong or bug with the old ones.

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