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Hi Everyone: I promise that tomorrow (hopefully) I will finish my story about my stepdad’s death. (Seeing the Face of Death)

I was just so busy this weekend, that I couldn’t get back to it. But I did write an article for Associated Content, that was accepted and published today (Easter). How surprising is that, and I think you would enjoy reading it. Well maybe enjoy isn’t the right word for this article, but you will be informed of some risks you might not know about in the hospital environment. So I’ll include the link, and I appreciate your support so much. (It helps me financially, when I get page views.) Hospitals are truly dangerous to your health these days, and it’s best to avoid them, if at all possible. If you can’t, I’ve included some suggestions to protect yourself from the many hospital hazards.

Here’s the link:

If you or a loved one has to be admitted to the hospital, be sure to have a strong advocate to watch over them, because I feel they let my dad die through negligence and hospital aquired infections, even though we spoke up continually. It’s so exasperating trying to fight the system. So far I haven’t been able to go back into that hospital (the only one in our town) though I know someday I will have to…



  1. Lonnie, Let me tell you we are still on the same page in life & having coffee together. Your article really struck HOME !!!!! My husband went to have a prostate biospy , 2 weeks ago. Well the next day he got deathly ill, took him to e.r. they sad swollen prostate put cath in sent home. Well the next day , he was in terrible shape, i had to call the squad. I was so so scared. Well now they admit him , we go 4 days near death, let me tell you i was trying to stay right on top of things, comp knowledge, calling drs., in bigger cities. I am watching my husband pass after loosing Shane 9 mo. ago. Finally they decide he got an urinary tract infection from the biopsy, but his body was being resillionte to every antiobiotic. Then he has merca, a case of deadly e-coli from the biopsy, & a urinary tract infection. He was having spells every hr. where his temp. would go 104 , blood pressure 60 over something. Well somewhere along the way they found the right anti, THANK THE GOOD LORD.!!!!!!!! We spent 10 long, scary , confused , exhausting days in the hosp. He is now home & on his way to recovery, still very, very tired. I never realized what a rock he had been to me till i had to watch him lay there scared to death!!! How exhauting the whole thing was, i havnt dealt with Shanes acc. very well at all then to have this throwed at me. Wow well we are all doing o.k. now .Think of you often, your friend SANDY

  2. Sandy: I’m sending you an email! I can’t believe you’ve been through all that. I am so sorry. I’ll write you more in the email. Big Hugs-Lonnette

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