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Ambushed by a memory–has it ever happened to you? Something that you thought was long past forgotten, or pushed down deep in your soul, just pops up out of nowhere, to let you know that it was only sleeping. There are often the simplest triggers for it-a song on the radio, a photograph, a note on a scrap of paper, a Christmas card, a scene in a movie, a certain scent, or a passage in a book. And suddenly you’re there–right back in the moment. A moment long ago, or not so long ago. A moment that refuses to be forgotten.

You’re feeling all the feelings. You’re crying the tears, or smiling the smiles. You’re feeling terrific, or just horrible.

But you thought that was all behind you–neatly buried in a coffin of yesterday. After all, time has moved on, and so have you. (But the heart remembers.)

You’ve been ambushed… 

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