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Today-more of a personal note. We got a letter telling us that our 19 year old has been skipping a couple of her classes very frequently. We already went through this last semester, when she did the same thing, and had to drop all but one class. The college counselor had her fixed up with the easiest instructors, and the best courses, to ensure her success through summer semester, in order for her to keep her Bright Futures scholarship. She does not live with us anymore, and is renting a house with a friend. She got a really good deal on the price, and was supposed to be attending college and working. She has 2 jobs, but only works about a total of 20 something hours a week, so she is not busting her bottom in any way.

She has a boyfriend who is stationed in Korea-they’ve only dated a couple of times, while he was home visiting. She stays up talking to him on the computer a lot of nights (he has a web cam), and I think she’s then too tired to go to school. (She also tires of young men quickly, and deep inside doesn’t really want to be tied down.) That’s okay (and even wise) for now, as long as she can form attachments in the future, when she’s more mature.

There is a history to all of this. She is naturally bright, and has the potential (was in honors classes for awhile in high school), but doesn’t have the motivation to study, or do the necessary work. This has been an ongoing problem with her all through school.

So, I am beginning to think it will be less stress on everyone if she just quits. At least for now–until (and if) she decides to get serious about it. She will lose her Bright Futures no doubt. We have told her that if she throws that away, we will not pay for college later. We’ve also told her that if she drops out of college, then she’ll be responsible for all her expenses (which she pretty much is already–except for her car insurance, and medical expenses.) But car insurance is a big one.

I think it is time for her to realize that she can’t work part time (even if it is 2 jobs) and live her life like a child, wanting to play. She has to take responsibility for herself, if she is not going to college.

I remember that she said this particular college would be “a piece of cake.” Well it sure wasn’t for me, when I went back as an adult, and worked my bottom off to get a 3.9 average.

I guess part of the difference is that I really wanted to learn, but granted I was older.

She has alluded to the fact that if she was attending the college in Central Florida (that she was supposed to go to after 2 years at this community college), that she would do better, because there wouldn’t be as much to do. (B.S.) There’s more to do in 2 nearby larger cities near the college.

The fact is she just doesn’t want to do the work. I am ready to accept this, and I think her dad finally is also. I really believe that college is not for everyone.

I don’t worry about her getting a good job though, in the future, because she is very personable, and social. People like her a lot, and when she applies herself, she does well at her jobs. (Until she decides that it’s not worth the effort anymore.) She wants to be a youth pastor’s wife also, and has said that since she was little.

Oh well, I can’t (and won’t) allow myself anymore frustration on this topic, as it won’t do any good anyway. Life is just too short to have drama every minute, which life with her has always been. LOL! My Little Drama Queen! 🙂

She will be okay. I will just give her to the Lord, and trust that He loves her even more than we do, and that He will guide her steps, and teach her the things she needs to know, day by day. (The life lessons that can’t be learned in school.) At least she hasn’t dropped out of church. She plays the piano in the praise band there, and sings beautifully. What God teaches her may not always be pleasant, but it will always be for the best. I love you baby girl, and He loves you even more…


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