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We all know the Scriptures about telling the mountain to be removed, and cast into the sea. We’re told if we have faith, even as a grain of mustard seed, we could speak to the mountain and it would obey. That’s good news for those of us who would love to change a little scenery in our lives. We have mountains of trouble, mountains of debt, mountains of relationship problems, mountains of family problems, mountains of trials, etc. Mountains are everywhere. And I enjoy moving them.

But sometimes mountains are meant to be climbed, instead of moved. There’s a lot that can be learned through climbing a mountain. But I’m warning you, spiritual mountain climbing isn’t for wimps. It takes preparation, and you have to be in good shape. Even experienced people have died mountain climbing.

Just like real mountain climbers train before they climb, spiritual mountain climbers need training too. Physical mountain climbers train with weights in their backpack, a treadmill, and various other exercises. Spiritual mountain climbers get strength from The Word, prior experience, and time spent in prayer. Never attempt to climb a mountain without proper preparation.

Real mountain climbers say that inexperienced climbers endanger themselves, and others who have to come and rescue them.

Some Christians do not train for battles. They have a self-confidence in themselves (without having paid the price for the conquest.) I thought something I read from mountain climber, Garry Porter, was so significant. He said, “Get experience on lesser mountains to know what you are getting into.”

That reminds me of something that Christian teacher, Joyce Meyer, once said. She said that too many Christians are trying to exert power over principalities and powers of darkness (upper echelon demons), but they can’t even get authority over a sink of dirty dishes. Isn’t that the truth? We need to start with basic prayer, self discipline, and spiritual warfare over ourselves and our families. Then we can move into casting out demons.

(Only a few people in the body of Christ are in a position to cast out principalities over a geographical area.) You’re really dealing with the big boys there, and need to prepare yourself for a fierce battle, and enlist the help of others. But we are all called to cast out demons, as Jesus taught. (They are real, and I’ve dealt with them before.) Just make sure you prepare for the battle.

When life hands you challenges of any kind, and you face them, you gain experience for the next trial, and the next. And with each trial, you get stronger, more confident (not in yourself, but in God’s power working within you), and you have greater faith for the new challenge. You won’t give up as easily the next time.

Another great remark by mountain climber Garry Porter was, “(I) am incredibly tenacious, when it comes to sucking it up when you must, in order to keep moving higher.” It takes a lot of persistent determination if we want to keep moving higher, doesn’t it? (But the view is so worth it!)

If we must climb a mountain instead of move it, there are many benefits. We learn endurance and survival techniques that we couldn’t have learned any other way. We become stronger emotionally and spiritually. We mature and grow, as we face the challenges of the mountain. So often we find that we have strength we never knew we had.

And also, we give hope to others. When they see that we are overcomers, and that we didn’t give up, they receive the motivation needed to keep going.

Just remember, there have been many mountain climbers before you, who will cheer you on.

So if you’re having trouble getting your mountain to move, it may be one that requires climbing…

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  1. Thank you for this message. I have been spiritual mountain climbing with the Holy Spirit for many years leading youth to a closer walk with Jesus. Then I ran into your message and found it meaningful for me as well as using it on my next climb with teenagers who have a hunger and thirst for more of Jesus.

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