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Words-for people who write, they are so important. If we can just put a word to it, we can understand, and perhaps, for a moment, also be understood.
But when there are no words, what can we do? At times I am forced to hold the feelings in, that threaten to blow me apart, if not released. For a writer, the words must be written. That’s how we give them life.
But sometimes there are no words, and we are trapped in the prison of nothingness. We cry out for a word of explanation, an expression of hope. But we cannot make sense of the senseless, and because we have lost so much, we are afraid to ever hope again.
They say that words are creative, and that they have the power to produce. I believe that, but I wish they had the power to undo what’s already been done. If only we could speak into existence a different reality than the one we are left with.
Everywhere I go, I hear people talking. Mostly they’re talking about the trivial, the superficial, the meaningless. I wish they wouldn’t waste their breath. Careless words without depth make for a superficial society, often without true emotion. The Word tells us that we will give account for every idle word spoken.

Dr. Masuru Emoto took water and exposed it to music, the spoken word, typed words, pictures and videos. As the water crystallized, it became beautiful or ugly, depending on the words, impressions, pictures, prayers, and even thoughts that were directed at it. (His name is Emoto, not Emote, as the video says.) Look at the beauty of the crystals that were exposed to beautiful words (or expressions of beauty), and the ugliness of those exposed to ugly words (or expressions of ugliness). I hope this will touch your heart as it did mine. How much more will a human react to positive or negative words?…

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  1. There’s definately a lot to learn about this topic. I like all the points you made.

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