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Today I worked in my flea market booth awhile.  I had been there Friday evening as well, and spent my time dusting, and straightening things, before meeting Rob for dinner at a neighborhood Greek restaurant. Today I removed my old worn out rug, and put down a new one. It’s an indoor flea market, and it gets lots of traffic, so rugs don’t last long.

You should have seen me trying to move things off of the old rug, and trying to remove it from the booth. (My booth has many breakable items, as do the nearby booths.) A couple of things in my booth did hit the floor, but none broke. A miracle!

Down went the new rug, and soon everything was back in place. I have been selling collectibles for many years now, at several different places. I used to have booths in antique stores only, or my coffeehouse, Crossroads. (I had quite a few shelves there.) But one day, I discovered this indoor flea market in our town, and I noticed that it got business year round, not just in tourist season, like so many of the other stores. Eventually I moved out of the antique store that I had been in for 6 or 7 years. It was in an area about an hour from my house, near Pensacola. Several really bad hurricanes hit our town (and the surrounding ones) for a couple of years in a row, and it just stopped the tourist traffic for quite awhile. So I wasn’t making much money there anymore, and it was so far to travel. This indoor flea market is in my town, and I can go whenever I like, and I’m able to frequently restock and straighten my booth. (Since I’m not Moderator on the Grief Board anymore, I should have a little more time. That was very time consuming.)

I love shopping at thrift stores, estate sales, garage sales, etc. I have found so many beautiful, inexpensive bargains over the years, that it has been a challenge deciding what to keep, and what to sell. I guess I like the hunt, and I like to arrange things in my booth. The husband of one of the ladies there remarked that it’s kind of like little girls playing tea party. (Very perceptive comment.) I think it is quite like that.

The name of my booth is Ribbons and Roses. It’s not all that big, but you wouldn’t believe how much I can get in it. I have several white bookcase shelves, a kiosk shelf that came with the booth, and my beautiful mirrored shelves. My husband had the idea to buy some of the wired white shelves, and then have them fitted for mirrors on each shelf area. It makes the glassware reflect so beautifully! I just have two of those in my booth now, because it is much smaller than my previous booth. I brought the others home (two of them.) I couldn’t part with those.

I like to have a Victorian theme. So for some of the shelves, I use hatboxes to display some of my things, like teapots, teacups, gloves, and bouquets of flowers. I love anything girly or feminine.  I also use those cute, decorative little cardboard type suitcases. I put tissue paper in them, and then place my items inside, and display them with the top open. It is so much fun (and a LOT of work!) It’s funny, one day a young man peeped into my booth, took one look, and said, “No testosterone in there!” LOL!

My house is decorated with Victorian touches, though it’s not a Victorian house. (I wish, I wish!) But I love roses, candles, china, teapots, teacups, beautiful throw blankets, lovely pieces of lace, bed trays, cake plates from the depression era, vintage jewelry, shawls, and things like that. (My husband is fine with it, bless his heart.) Grin. 🙂

Tomorrow I will begin to clean house again. So much to do, and it will take awhile. (Much longer than a day, because I have let it get away from me lately.) Then we have so many repairs, and so much reconstruction in the days ahead. I have to remind myself that a little at a time is how it’s all done. (We have not yet replaced our carpet from the flood.) Our family room still has the old carpet, but without the padding, and it needed to come out even before the flood. We’ve had all our carpet for years and years, and it is a bit of a disgrace in places. But the thought of moving all my knick knacks and breakables, to change it out, is exhausting. But we need to. So a little at a time, right?

Working in my Victorian booth today was an escape from all the stresses that I have endured lately, and I have to say that I really, really enjoy being a girl…woman…girl…

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  1. I LOVED your video…it was just so sweet and precious. I also love yard saling and flea marketing. I am seriously thinking of openening my own little booth at an indoor flea market in our area. I hope I have as much fun there as you do in yours.

  2. Thanks for dropping by, and I appreciate your comment!

  3. How did you get started? What does a booth cost? Do you make any money?

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