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I decorated a card table in the family room with a tablecloth of red, stuck a red rose in the center, surrounded by little Valentine candy heart containers, and those famous little candy hearts that say things like, “Be Mine”, “Sweetheart”, and “Kiss Me Again.” I put a small heart-shaped box of chocolate Valentine’s candy by each place setting.  And I made a special Valentine’s basket for my mom, husband and daughter. My daughter was working, so it was my mom, my husband and me.  I never like for my mom to be alone on occasions since my dad died. Often I think of how lonely it is not to have your sweetheart with you for the holidays. So I always include her in ours. I love to decorate for occasions, so the mood was set. We ordered pizza to make it easy on me this time, and I made a Cherry Dump Cake. If you haven’t had one, let me know if you want the recipe. It’s really good, and easy to make! The pizza was not supposed to arrive for 45 minutes, (I guess because it was Valentine’s night), so we got my mom into the house safely, (always a challenge), she tested her blood sugar, (on my beautifully decorated table), and then we opened our presents. She was wearing a lovely red blouse that I bought her the last time we went shopping. It had black and clear jewel stones on it, and looked like it was made for her. My husband bought me a dozen roses, and they were just beautiful. They really added to the ambiance. After the presents and cards, the pizza arrived. Perfect timing!

Then we had dessert, and watched a Josh Groban DVD, that my mother owned, and wanted to see on our big screen TV. We didn’t get more than 10 minutes into it, before she fell fast asleep. I had her heated blanket over her, as we keep our house much colder than hers. She woke up once for her favorite song, “To Where You Are”. It is so perfect for the feelings in her heart for my dad, who died not quite 3 years ago. They were married 44 years.

My husband was enduring the DVD, with an occasional yawn, (and I was afraid I might lose him also), and my mom was snoring away. We laughed because she was the one who really wanted to watch the DVD. It seems that so many things we do lately, she falls asleep, bless her heart. It’s still disappointing at times, but it’s the way it is. And the sleep is good for her, I guess.

After the concert,  I woke her, and packed up her gifts, food, and gear, and drove her home. She has rheumatoid arthritis, and with every move she is stiff and shaky (and very off balance.) Sometimes she is not able to raise herself up from her chair, so we have devised many “tricks” to help. One is I get a folding chair, and put the back facing her. I sit in the chair for leverage, and she can pull (or push) up. It’s amazing all the little secrets we’ve learned, just to survive in this world, with all she has physically wrong.

It was a very pleasant evening, and I was glad to share it with her. I never know how much longer she will be with me, and I want to do nice things for her now.

When I arrived home, and started putting things away, I couldn’t help but think how different Valentine’s Day has become from my younger days. (Plenty of wild, passionate nights with my husband back then-candlelight and kisses, and new lingerie.)  🙂 But now it’s different, and I realize that my life is passing by quickly, and I’m not ready to give all that up yet, by any means, but with all the stress, and care-taking, and daughter drama, etc., there seems to be no time or energy! LOL! (These things do take care of themselves, I know.) 🙂 There are definitely seasons in our lives, times of drifting apart, and then finding our way back.

Well, here’s a lullaby from Josh, and a Valentine from my mom to my dad. (Sam, a breath away’s not far to where you are…) 

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