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Discernment, according to the dictionary, is the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure. It refers to a power to see what is not evident to the average mind. It’s an accuracy of determining character or motives. One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit according to the Word, is discerning of spirits. This is stronger than intuition; it is laser-like in its perception.

I think I may have this gift, and sometimes it’s a little scary. It seems like I just know things about people. On the surface, I like them, but sometimes I have this feeling in my gut that something just isn’t right, and very few times have I been wrong. My biggest failure is when I fail to heed that voice. People can seem okay in day to day dealings, but sometimes you get a negative feeling that you just can’t shake, and you know that all is not what it appears to be. Have you had that happen to you? Sometimes I’ve been known to try and shake off that feeling, or bury the warning that I’m getting, and I’m always sorry when I do. It’s also an ability to know if something is, or is not, of God, and in the last days (as well as now) this is going to be a very important gift to have, because the Bible tells us that there will be things that appear to be supernatural, or miracles, but they are not from God. On the other hand, I believe in the supernatural and miracles,  and I want to know what really is of God, because Jesus said we would do the works that He did, and even greater things. So it’s going to be important to know which spirit is operating. I found this definition on one of the Christian sites that I visited. Discerning of spirits is the ability “to see beyond the outward appearance, and have a revelation that discerns the nature of the spirit that is at work. This gift discerns whether it is a human spirit, a demonic spirit, a Godly spirit (operating in people), or the Holy Spirit.” (So, this gift can be used to discern good and bad spirits.)

But for now, I want to talk about discerning evil spirits that operate through people. Sometimes there is just this alarm that goes off, and you know that you need to beware. It’s a great help in knowing the nature of those you deal with. It has to do with seeing true motives. This is a supernatural gift, but there is also a natural discernment that you can have. Both can be very helpful in life.

Recently when a disagreement came up on a site where I was a Moderator, I began to discern a terribly wrong spirit. (I had already been exposed to this spirit, in the past, on another part of the site.) There was a manipulative, cruel, controlling spirit at work, and the owner of the site was definitely under the control of that spirit, (and had been for quite some time apparently), which was operating through a few, very destructive people there. Since he would not take control of it, I knew that I no longer wanted to be a part of that endeavor.  If the spirit is wrong, and the overseer will not deal with it, it is not wise to remain. Sometimes it takes a LOT for me to walk away from something that I am committed to, and I think at times that God has to allow something dramatic to happen for me to see clearly what His will is. This gift can be sharpened so that you can sense pretty quickly when something is wrong, but sometimes it does take awhile to pinpoint it. Never ignore this prompting.

So, I just thought I’d toss that term out there today, and get you thinking about it. Learn to trust those “gut reactions” that you get about people, and even places. That’s being led by the Holy Spirit…

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  1. I have prayed off the spirit of witchcraft for a friend of a friend now it seems the original friend whom has never distrusted me or visa versa has a wall up and no longer calls, Also my child had a substitute tell the children to look up the history of witchcraft, and to study it.
    I have had 2 teachers whom used to love me and contact me all the time speak to my childrens principle about things I may have said, and She started the conversation lying to me and did not miss a beat when I stated the information she had was not from the source she was saying it was from. I am a working part of the body of Christ.

  2. Chandra: There seems to be so little understanding of spiritual discernment, spiritual warfare, and deliverance (even in the church.) I know that it is real, and I have particiapted in deliverances. I think Satan is only too happy for people to believe he’s not real, but we know different.
    I am so sorry about the witchcraft assignment. I think you have every right to ask for an alternative assignment. No one should be forced to study witchcraft. Write whenever you’d like. I do understand. Lonnette

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