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Isn’t it funny that even though people can drive us crazy, we all need someone-anyone to listen and understand. We live in a world where most everyone is so into themselves, that few ever take time to care about someone else. Probably many affairs could have been prevented, if husbands and wives would just listen to, and support each other. So many friendships are one-sided-(one person wants to lean exclusively on the other, without giving back anything in return.) Parents don’t listen to children, and children surely don’t listen to parents. And so we find ourselves writing a check to have someone listen to us. (And sometimes it’s worth every penny.) LOL!  I have found counseling to be quite a bit like writing a blog. Somedays there’s no big revelation-you’re just talking. But there are those days-that make all the rest worthwhile. It may be one small jewel-a thought that awakens your understanding, or a complexity made simple, that sets you free. And you know that something significant occurred, and you learned more about yourself, and answered some of the “whys”. And maybe even learned how to cope with life a little better. You have to go through a lot of “so-so” sessions sometimes, to get to the breakthroughs. God bless good counselors, who aren’t just in it for the money.
But often I think, if we just had the support of our friends, our church, our spouses, our families, we wouldn’t have to feel so desperate. Yes, I know counselors have training that our friends and family don’t have, but many times all we really need is someone to listen, and tell us that everything will be okay. Right? (And give us a hug.) 🙂
Do you ever wonder what the future holds? I bet if we could know, we wouldn’t want to. How scary would it be to actually know what was going to happen? When you were going to die? Or when someone close to you would? No, it’s better not to know what lies ahead. (Though we do all know the ultimate end-just not the circumstances, place or time.) Life is terminal, and we shouldn’t forget that. No one gets out alive, as they say, and the Bible says, “Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.” It takes wisdom to understand the brevity of life, the preciousness of life, the potential of life, and the gift of life. Knowing these things causes us not to take life, or people for granted. 
As to our futures playing out, I think the answer is to just remain open. I have found that life brings you its treasures, most often, when you’re not even looking for them. Suddenly a dream is realized, or a desire fulfilled. You’re right in the middle of it at times, before you even know…


  1. LONNIE, I have loved that song since SHANES passing .What a strange occurance, i was late reading your blog today ,& at this VERY MOMENT,33 weeks, & 232 days ago the accident occured. 10;58. That vision will always be in my head.I HATE SATURDAYS.I just read LINDAS blog too, its how our kids change overnight. You know thats why i miss tucking mt grandchildren in & getting them up. The love & changes i miss. Keep up the good work. i love you! LOVE & PEACE SANDY SHANES MOM

  2. Sandy: I am so sorry that Saturdays hurt so much. Everything changes in an instant, doesn’t it? And I know you miss your son and grandbabies more than words can express. Linda is so right about kids changing overnight. Thinking of you always-Lonnette (Lonnie)

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