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Today I want to direct you to an article I wrote about incandescent light bulbs being phased out. (Don’t panic yet; it will be awhile.) I can’t believe it, though. I’m all for energy conservation, but I HATE the way fluorescent bulbs look. Can you imagine them everywhere you have a lamp now? Or in a chandelier? There has to be a better way! How can the government just take away our light bulbs? What next? I’m going to give you the URL to the article, and I’d like to hear your comments. I know some of you might not care, but I have always liked to have little decorative lamps around the house, and I cannot imagine what all the lights will look like when I can’t use incandescent bulbs anymore. They say that the fluorescent lights make terrible reading lamps also! Pray that the scientists come up with something that at least resembles the old light bulb glow, or it’s going to be a very cold looking world! Here’s the URL:

I say, “Let there be light!” (Incandescent light, please!) At least we’ll still have candles…


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