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It was an unusual day. It was my husband’s birthday, and we were celebrating by going to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. A very strange name, but a very nice place to eat. The kind with white tablecloths, candles, and waiters in black and white outfits. We live in one city, and were driving just over the bridge, to the next city. My car had been in the shop for some body work prior to Christmas. A tire had come apart (with me driving it), and the core of the tire hit the body of the car each time it went around, and left a bit of damage. So it was being fixed, and I borrowed my mom’s car. It was my dad’s car, but he died. (Try to follow this, now-it may get a little complicated. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!) While it is my mom’s car, she can’t drive it. She has too many medical things going on, and she is on some heavy meds for rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia, etc.  She is also an insulin dependent diabetic, who sometimes gets low blood sugar without warning. She goes completely crazy (out of it) at these times.

She has threatened from time to time to try and drive the car, and I am scared to think she would, in her present medical condition. But so far, she hasn’t attempted it, even though I know that not being able to drive, has been a terrible loss to her.

Anyway, when I got my car out of the shop, I was still driving hers for awhile. You know how it goes. You move into the car you’re driving, and all your things are in there, and you just get settled, and it’s hard to make the switch. My car is much nicer than hers, but I was so busy during Christmas, that I really didn’t make the switch back to my car. A couple of weeks (or less) ago, I finally did. I took hers back and parked it in her driveway.

As soon as I started driving my car again, the AC went out. I know it’s January, and it’s going to be about 20-something degrees here tonight. But we live in NW Florida, and in a day or so, it could be 70 degrees. So we took it to the mechanic. He couldn’t find a leak, so he put dye in the AC, so that if it leaked, he could look and tell where the leak was. So I drove it about a week.

Last night I was taking some vegetable soup and cornbread over to my mom’s house. I had a casserole dish in my hands, with some bowls of soup in it, and a pan with the cornbread. I opened the driver’s door to get in, and as I climbed in, (with the intention of putting the dishes in the passenger seat), the door started to swing closed. It hit the casserole just right (in the window) and actually cracked my window!!!! Can you believe it? GRRRRRR… As I was driving over there, I looked down at the gauges, and it said “Check Coolant Level”. Last time it said that, and “Check Refrigerant” or something like that. At any rate, I called my husband on my way home, to break the news to him about the window. He didn’t answer (thankfully), and so I left a message. What else could I do? (Grin.)

He returned my call, and said it was okay. He said it’s all just “things” and they’ll all pass away. Boy, do I like his attitude!!! At any rate, I said all that to give you the background for tonight’s adventure, and yes, it was pretty much all necessary. You’ll see…

So we are back to Saturday night, and Rob and I are headed to the restaurant, when he notices that the heat gauge is going up slowly. (I had already told him about the coolant warning.) We watched in horror as it inched past the halfway mark, and on up, up, up…There was no filling station on the highway, so we hurried to the next little town. Just as we saw a filling station, smoke started coming out from under the hood. We pulled in the parking lot. My husband is an attorney (brilliant, but not terribly mechanical.) My dad was one of those guys that could fix the world if it broke. (The adjustment has been difficult for me. LOL!) My husband could not get the cap off the place where the coolant goes, and by now you could hear it bubbling. I stuck my head out, and reminded him to be careful, because I had heard of a guy taking the cap off when his car overheated, and getting scalding water in his face. (He needed plastic surgery.) About this time, I noticed a guy right next to us, vacuuming out his van, and I’m wondering–what kind of person decides to vacuum his car out in this freezing weather? I looked at the roof of the van, and noticed it was a taxi! My husband had already asked the man for help getting the cap off, but the man reiterated what I said, about the engine being too hot to take the cap off, and that the car would need to cool down. I asked Rob if we could take a taxi to the restaurant. Then I asked the taxi driver if he was still working. He told us that he just got off a 12 hour shift, and was ready to call it a day, but that he would take us to the restaurant. (Okay, I’m sorry that took so long, because that part doesn’t have a lot to do with my story, but what can I say? LOL!)

So we got to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, a little flustered, and just a little late. We were dressed up, and the girl up front complimented me on the Sorrelli necklace I was wearing. (Another rabbit trail is necessary here. Hey, you trust me, don’t you?)

Sorrelli makes beautiful necklaces with crystals and precious stones. My daughter first told me about them, and at the time, I told her that they cost too much for a teenager. She said that I simply had to see them, and that they were heirloom pieces that you could pass on. I have never been an expensive jewelry person, and these were a little over a hundred dollars each. I thought it was just another of her materialistic whims. But then I actually saw one. I was in the hairdresser’s, and this lady had the most beautiful necklace on that I had ever seen. I told her it was lovely, and she said, “Do you know about these necklaces?” I answered, “No.”  She replied, “It’s a Sorrelli.” I told her that my daughter had mentioned them, but that I thought they were too expensive, however, I had to admit it was absolutely gorgeous.

Soon after that, my daughter’s boyfriend (at the time) gave her the White Bridal Sorrelli necklace. (Yes, the different colors acutally have names.) She hinted around that it was her heart’s desire, and she got it from him for her birthday. It was breathtaking. She kept trying to talk her dad into getting me one, and I kept trying to talk him out of it.

At any rate, he got me two for Christmas.  (I had a very difficult year.) They were both called “Happy Birthday.” Very pretty. Well, as time went on, I began to check them out on Ebay, and I set a price range that I would spend. Believe it or not, I could usually get the bracelets that matched the necklaces for about $45.00 plus shipping. The necklaces were often over $200.00 as listed, but I wouldn’t pay much over $100.00 plus tax. So I got a couple eventually. Captain and Teal, and another one-the most beautiful one I have ever seen! Truly-it was called “Looking Glass.”

Rob gave me a Sorrelli necklace here and there for gifts-Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, etc. I guess the next prettiest one I have is “Spring Rain.” (Now I guess you know more than you ever wanted to know about Sorrelli jewelry.) But hang on, cause now it gets good! 🙂

Remember, back at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, the girl in the front complimented me on my necklace. Then, as the hostess (another lady), took us to our table, she said, “What a beautiful Sorrelli necklace.”

I was really surprised by all this attention. I was wearing a velvet-look mock turtleneck, and a knit jacket and skirt, so I guess the crystals were really sparkling. She mentioned that she had always wanted one, but wasn’t sure which one to get. I told her that this was my favorite, Looking Glass, and that Spring Rain was also beautiful. We talked about the shop in a little town nearby, that has good prices on them, and then she went her way.

I went to wash my hands, and the other girl, up front, again started talking about Sorrelli jewelry. (This is so funny because I have never been remotely interested in any kind of jewelry before now.) Everything I own is costume jewelry, and until recently, I only wore a few pretty pins on my jackets now and then, and some earrings. The hostess (the lady we had talked with at the table, was older than the younger girls who usually have that job.) She came up in time to hear me say that my husband and I had figured out, that the ones that were the most beautiful were the necklaces with mostly crystals, and just a few small stones, like the one I was wearing.  The crystals gave it the sparkle, but most of the Sorrelli necklaces have an even mixture of crystals and stones.

So then we had a lovely dinner. After the dessert, my husband, (referring to the hostess lady), said, “Didn’t she say she would really love to have a Sorrelli necklace?” I answered, “Yes, and it makes you wish you could just buy her one, doesn’t it?” And he said, without even thinking, “Or give her the one you’re wearing.”

(My eyes probably betrayed me, as I thought about how this was the only one I really, really adored.) Whenever we went out somewhere nice, it was the one I always chose. Sorrelli has many different designs in each type (color) of necklace, and I had never seen another one like this one. It was in rainbow colors, with a round clear crystal, and then a rainbow colored flower-shaped crystal and so on…

(I guess another word of explanation is needed here, and if  you have possibly made it this far, then I guess you’ll understand.) We are Christians, and we try to stay sensitive to what God might be telling us to do. My husband has several times given money to strangers because he felt the Lord wanted him to, and sometimes I have given things away that I felt God told me to. It doesn’t happen all that often-just occasionally. I have taught in past years at ladies’ conferences and Bible studies, and one of the things I sometimes stress is that we should be ready, at any time, to part with something if the Lord asks us to. (It’s all His anyway.) I have always maintained that it’s okay to have things, as long as they don’t have you.

At this moment I looked at my husband and said, “Do you think it’s God for me to give this to her, because if you do, I will.” He said he wasn’t sure, and he knew how much it meant to me. I shared with him that it would be really nice for the lady to get it, and that might be what God was doing. Or he might be dealing with me-testing my heart, to see if I really mean the things that I teach. My husband seemed to feel bad that he had suggested it, and somewhat tried to talk me out of it, but the longer I sat there, the more I knew that I would never enjoy wearing that necklace again, if I was supposed to give it to the lady. So I went up front and said, “I don’t know if you’re a Christian or not, but I am, and I feel like God told me to give you this necklace.” I placed it in her hands, and she wouldn’t take it. She said, “No, no, no”…But I insisted, and gave her hug. As I was leaving later, she came and hugged me again, and said I was very generous. I told her, “Now all the girls here will be gathering around you, to look at that pretty necklace.” And we left.

As we were driving home, after we added water to the car, my husband said that he felt like God would give me another one. But honestly, while there are plenty of Sorrelli Looking Glass necklaces, I’ve never seen one in that pattern or one that sparkled so much. So we’ll see…

At any rate, lest you think I’m bragging or a saint, I just wanted to share with you, that I did not find that easy to do. Oh yes, in the moment it was fun, but I knew later that I would miss that necklace. I told my husband that if I really struggled to let go of something, then I knew that it had me, instead of me having it. And I really struggled with that one. The worst part was when my husband had gone on to bed, and I looked on Ebay and several other sites, and saw that there were no necklaces like mine. (I actually started to grieve for that necklace.) And I realised that the lady was just a small part of what God had asked me to do. It was about her just a little, but it was about me a lot more!

So today, I feel peace about it. Not to say that I won’t miss it again some time. And probably when it’s not important to me at all, God will give me another one, or something even prettier. (He’s like that.) But this was about me, and what I was willing to give up, and maybe just to show me, that I am attached to things, more than I thought I was. (So I hope I passed the test.) I’m sure there will be more tests like that. God only gives us what He can trust us with, and I believe He blesses us, so that we, in turn, can bless others. It truly is more blessed to give than to receive, even if it doesn’t always feel like it. And even if we were wrong, and God wasn’t saying to give her my necklace, I’d rather be wrong, and give up the necklace, than not to obey. These are heart issues that we all struggle with, but they are also windows into our soul, our character, and our priorities in life. Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also…”


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  1. LONNIE, What a wonderful article, AGAIN. Makes me wonder if maybe GOD gave me AUSTY for 10 years to install all the good in life for him. Cause i know in my heart the GOD LORD will see he comes back, not sure when, but He will. Now you did it I am a jewery nut, but haven’t been able to really afford it,with all the attr bills & such. But i never heard of that jewelry! I dont shop Ebay, so dont really know how or anything about it. But I sure did just look at all of it, you are right IT IS GORGEOUS ! I love the pink butterfly necklace on there. I really have enough necklaces & a ring on every finger, but really need a bracelet. YOU SHOWED WHAT A BEAUTIFUL, LOVING, CARING PERSON YOU ARE, I ALREADY KNEW LOL. PEACE & LOVE TO YOU. HUBBY IS SAFELY HOME & ITS REALLY QUIET HERE . ITS ALSO-1 WITH WINDCHILLS OF -20. !!! LOVE & PEACE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, TELL HUBBY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DOES HE WANT A CUSTODY CASE ? LOL LOVE YA, SANDY SHANES MOM

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