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Don’t have much to share right now. Just that I experienced a disappointment today. And it got me thinking about how that can affect a person emotionally. It seems like things can be going along just fine, and then (wham) everything changes, and you feel like the rug was pulled out from under you. Why does life have to be like that? Why is there so much greed in the world, and so many self-serving people? Why does living have to be such a roller coaster all the time? Couldn’t it just be a smooth road for more than a few days? (I guess not.) Life seems to be full of change. It’s like someone enjoys stirring things up-just to watch the tornado it creates.

I wonder if there really is any such thing as a peaceful life? They say if you are a Christian (I am), no matter what happens, you can have peace. But I don’t. (Just can’t seem to find that bubble to live in.)

Sometimes when I’m disappointed, it is just like someone took a knife to my heart. I physically ache with pain, and feel sick to my stomach. Lately, I seem to feel a great deal of frustration about so many things. (It leaves you feeling hopeless, when you think you have no power to change things. And when you’re hopeless, you’ve lost your spark.)

It’s obvious to me that there is evil in this world. And it seems to always be battling the good. Evil hates good, and will try to annihilate it. It’s almost like we’re not allowed to be happy for very long, without some kind of dark attack that tries to steal our joy. (Or our hope.)

I guess there are days when we let the thief win, and I’m sure that evil smiles a toothy satanic grin. But there will always be tomorrow. And after  some sleep, and time away from the problem, things will look different. And that remarkable resilience that each of us has, will find its way back to the surface, and we will regain the strength to continue, and even to fight back. And the way we overcome evil is with good…


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