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I love to read, and even though we have couches and such, we don’t have a chair that’s really right for reading. So usually I have to sit up in bed and read that way. That’s okay sometimes, but I have always wanted a chair that I could get snuggly in. I didn’t really have room for a recliner, so I kind of just gave up. Until…I was in T.J. Max the other night, and I saw this chair. It was sort of a light chocolate color and it had a matching hassock. I had enough money from the writing I’ve done lately, to buy both the chair and the hassock. My husband was with me that night, and we have a van, and we were able to get the chair in the back. (I think he sincerely doubted that I would be able to get the chair in the bedroom.) We have a king sized bed in there, a love-seat, and a small standing fireplace-not to mention two bedside tables, a dresser, and a large screen TV. (Okay, I get his point; it did look doubtful, but you know what they say. Where’s there’s a will…there’s a way.) I had an idea in the back of my mind, and I wasn’t sure it would work either, but I didn’t tell him that.

So together we huffed and puffed up the steps. (Yes, the bedroom where the chair was going was on the second floor.) He’s tall, and I’m short, and I have had a torn rotator cuff recently, so I have to be careful lifting things, but I was really motivated.

Well, we got it through the first door very well, sort of. Then he began to say that he didn’t think it would go through the bedroom door. Now why do they make things that won’t go through doors? Then he had an idea. Let’s take the legs off! Before you scream, these were twist type oval shaped legs that just screwed right off. (Good thing too!) Because, it was not our finest moment as we struggled and squeezed through that door, grimacing at each other, but…we made it!

Then I asked to be left alone. (Grin.) I didn’t want him to see my embarrassment if my plan didn’t work, and it didn’t fit. So off he went to take his shower. I proceeded to tear the room apart. (No, not really.) I had an oval table with a Victorian tablecloth and a shawl over it, and on either side was an ice cream parlor type chair made of white wrought iron. I shifted the table to a little nook by my dresser. I took the bench that was there already and moved it out to… (well, I’m not really sure yet where that’s going.) I put the ice cream chairs on either side of the fireplace, and I drug the chair and the hassock into that area, and kind of angled it towards the TV. I had a floor lamp near the love-seat, and I moved it behind the chair. (I had seen this arrangement at a motel I stayed at recently, and much to my amazement, (actually I had faith all the time…it fit!!!!) I ran to the living room, and got a fabulous throw with crystal beads hanging from it, and a matching pillow off my couch, and put them strategically across the chair, and it was perfect! Okay, not exactly perfect. If I want to get into the doors of my bedside table, I will have to shift the chair, and if I want to get into the bed, I will have to shift the hassock, but it’s close enough to perfect for me. I have a chair to read in-to write in-and to watch TV in. It’s going to be all mine. (My husband said so.) And I love it!!! For 2 nights, I’ve enjoyed watching TV in it, but I haven’t had a chance to read yet. I know it will be splendid though! Can’t you just see me with the little fireplace blazing on the other side of the room, a cup of hot chocolate, or warm tea, a velvet throw over my legs, and a really great book? I can’t wait! Now that’s the life, or as my daughter used to say when she was little, “Ahh…This is a day in the life!”…



  1. LONNIE,I am so happy for you ,that sounds like a wonderful place to put your feet up & reflect. YOU GO GIRL, enjoy as i do reading your post everyday. You really deserve it ! PEACE & LOVE TO YOU. LOVE SANDY SHANES MOM

  2. I saw the chairs at my local TJ Max and when I sat on one I loved it. I told my wife I was going to buy the set for our living room and she talked me out of it. Yesterday, I told her I was going back to get them. I went to the store and they were gone. 😦 . Now I am trying to find out where I can get a set but don’t know the Manufacturer or even the model. If you could help me with the information I would greatly appreciate it. Enjoy them, I wish I could.

  3. Hi: I looked on my hassock and chair, and there is absolutely nothing saying what model number, or manufacturer. There was a tag attached to it in the store, but they removed it. 😦 I do remember that the set cost about $200.00 for both pieces. We liked it so much, that we went back and got another one for my husband. Now we have one on each side of the bed, and we enjoy watching TV or reading together in the larger bedroom upstairs. My husband puts a king-sized pillow standing up (longways) behind his back, because he is tall. And I use a regular sized pillow standing up (longways) because I am short. The pillows give us a headrest and back support, so that it feels more comfortable to me than my mom’s recliner. And even though my husband is tall, once we figured out about the king- sized pillow that went from the bottom of the chair up, he was very comfortable.
    I will keep looking at my T.J. Max for you, and if they get another one, I’ll check it for you, and let you know, okay? One of them I had to pay for the hassock separate, and the other one, I didn’t.
    I am so sorry that this happened to you. We bought ours at different times. When I found mine, there was only one. Then after I liked it so much, we went back and much to our surprise, there was another one! So keep checking back at your store, and maybe they will get them in again. I’m surprised that no one at the store could give you the information, or call another store nearby for you. Our next closest store is a little over an hour away.
    Okay, I’ll keep checking for you also. You would really enjoy them! Lonnette

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