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I spent yesterday with my first cousin, Jack. He and I were raised together until I was 7. His mother died when he was a baby, and my (our) grandparents adopted him. My mom and I lived with her parents until we moved to Atlanta, so Jack and I were like brother and sister in those early years.

He later took care of my grandparents, living in the same small town as they did, until they died. No one could have done more.

Jack’s life has been difficult, and in some ways, tragic. He has been married several times, and none of the relationships lasted. He has been hurt very badly many times as well.

He has raised one daughter, and is still raising a 15 year old. Even though it seemed unlikely at first, her birth saved his life. It gave him something to focus on, and a reason for living. I think he will be lost without her when she gets old enough to be on her own.

He says that it’s not living alone that gets to him the worst, but the idea of growing old alone. I can surely understand that, as many of us fear that happening.

This weekend I wrote an abstract for Brijit, about a radio program I listened to about dying alone. That really made me think about how many people have no one in their lives that truly care. I plan to write an article on this, and I’ll share it with you when it’s finished.

So many of us are blessed because we have love in our lives. Jack would like nothing better than to have someone to come home to-someone to share his life with. If you have had love in your life, cherish it. So often we take it for granted, until it’s gone. We let petty things get in the way of peaceful living-things that aren’t at all important. Being together is important; being there for each other through all the good and difficult times. That’s what true love is-standing by each other through it all.

I often think how little anything in life means without someone to share it with…


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