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Well, we’re almost there! Got a call today that informed me 4 our guests can’t come because of a family emergency on the husband’s side, so our group is rapidly dwindling. A little disappointing because their family has the little kids that make Christmas so much fun, but it is what it is. We’ll make the best of it all. I am now officially down to cleaning only. (Yes, I’m still cleaning!) LOL! I will send my husband for the final round of perishable groceries on Sunday, and we will have our family get together on Christmas day (in the evening).  So I’ll have to finish the cleaning and then cook.  Tomorrow will be a quiet day (hopefully) of cleaning (with a little decorating).

I stumbled today and my computer chair fell backwards, and down I went. My head hit a medium sized Christmas tree, and my arm hit a step stool, and Coke went everywhere. Several hours later, I’m plenty sore, but I still seem to have all my body parts intact (though my neck, back and arms are aching.) So I guess I need to clean my computer room! LOL!

I went to the Flea Market today, and vacuumed and cleaned my booth for the remaining days (2) that we’ll be open before Christmas. I sell nice glassware, Victorian decorations, Depression glass, teapots, teacups, and lots of girly items, and a few clothes. I closed 2 of my booths this year, and now I’m down to just one. I really enjoy the “hunt” for the items, and I love to arrange the booth and decorate it. I use hatboxes to display a lot of my items, and my booth is called “Ribbons and Roses”. It’s a fun hobby.

Well, guess I’ll close for now. No great revelations today-just the ordinary things of life (which I’m thankful for.) I’ve had all the “excitement” lately anyone needs. Ordinary days are extraordinarily rare.

I hope that as the days approach Christmas, you are having a little time to count your blessings also. While life can be very difficult at times-at least we’re breathing, right? Some days just breathing is good…


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