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Well, it’s interesting that the largest number of comments that I have gotten on any blog entry is when I said that Christmas is a Christian Holiday. The crazies came out of the woodwork on that one. It’s funny, I had written an article about a town that tried to ban colored lights and trees on public property, and I was commenting on that. You can read the article here:

Now mind you, this was not a nativity scene, these were lights and trees that they were trying to banish! I understand the problem about government property and religion. But it seems that some people won’t rest until they have done away with Christmas entirely. It seems that humanists and secularists, and others have truly declared war on Christians, and that is not likely to get better. But the saddest part is when Christians attack Christians. How can anyone make a judgement on my Christianity, as these two comments did? I would not presume to judge their beliefs. But the venom was almost palpable in those posts. The first comment I received on the entry, was from someone who simply stated her point of view, and without name calling. I appreciated that, and thanked her for her views. But the two I received today, sound like very angry, legalistic people who hate Christmas. Yes, I am aware of its pagan origins, but for years on end, Christians have recognized it as a time to celebrate the birth of Christ. Do we know His birthdate? Of course not. Can we still pick a day and celebrate his birth? Certainly.

Here is what I wrote in response to the angry comments left today. (You can read the comments under my blog entry “Christmas Is A Christian Holiday”, posted December 1)

Todd and Toby: Let me introduce you to each other, as I think you would get along remarkably well with your legalistic, oppressive outlooks. However, I do thank you for your comments. Sharing thoughts is what makes blog writing so rewarding. It’s a chance to debate, or talk over our feelings about issues. I fail to see how either of you would be able to judge my Christianity. I am a believer, and an ordained minister. But the only thing that will get me into is heaven is my total faith in Jesus as my Savior. I am sorry that you feel so angry that you need to attack other Christians. I would never try to judge your faith, as only the Lord can. But at any rate, I will agree that Christmas as we celebrate it these days, does seem to have little to do with Christ. It’s all about materialism and spending. But I guess you don’t sing Christmas carols either, huh? It must be fun to be around you at any time of year, as evidenced by your kind, and loving nature. You can try and take Christ out of Christmas, but you can never take Him out of my heart. God bless both of you, and Merry Christmas!


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  1. I loved reading the comments on your December 1 post about Christmas being a Christian holiday. True, people are so entrenched in their beliefs that they feel a need to “correct” others’ beliefs. There’s no such thing, especially where faith is concerned. Thank you, Lonnette, for not trying to save me in our many communications over the past 4 or 5 months. I’ve been saved. Then, I added on a bunch of other beliefs because I felt a need to expand in order to save my life and cope with a cruel world. I know this goes against most Christian dogma, but I seem to be living my life the way my creator planned, though I would have planned it somewhat differently. I would like to say I’m in complete control of my life, but as you know, the notion is ridiculous. I love the stories, the histories of all religions and philosophies, and the multitude of interpretations to each. I think that whatever you believe, you’re right – for you. How many wars have been fought over differences in religious beliefs? How many people break up families over differences in religious beliefs?

    You write your blog from your heart, and that will certainly bring you strong comments on occasion. I loved your responses to the comments. You are a strong believer and it is serving your life well, I hope. Please keep writing from your heart, so that people like me can take a look at difference and honor it. L.

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