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Nature does draw us, doesn’t it? I think it is because this world is so busy, so frenetic, so bustling. When we go and look at creation, we are reminded that there is a Creator, and we find peace in the things that are natural, and not man made. (Not artificial.)
I have often thought this is why God put Adam and Eve in a garden. (It was peaceful and beautiful.) And it was romantic, no doubt. ) They were so fortunate not to have to live in the city, next to a busy highway. (They paved Paradise to put up a parking lot.) Remember that song?
I love to look at the mountains most of all. Even though I live in Florida, and I’m very near the ocean, I find my greatest solitude in the North Carolina mountains, in a house on top of the world, where I can reach out and almost touch God. At night, the lights below look like a million Christmas trees in the valley. But in the daytime, the majestic mountains really are purple and smoky, and eagles fly in the sky, just above the porch. I sit in my rocker there, and never want to leave.
Here in Florida, I like the water quite a bit also, and sometimes take a picnic to a nearby bayou. I live on a small lake, and when we used to have a deck (still in disrepair), we would sit on the screened-in porch and look at the water, and not come in till very late. It had a hypnotizing effect on us, and I miss that.
I am reminded of a beautiful song called, “I Know How The River Feels” (Diamond Rio, Clay Aiken, and also Garth Brooks, I think.  As a friend of mine noted, there are so many riversongs, and water songs.) But this one says:

Now I know how the river feels
When it reaches the sea
And finally finds the place
It was always meant to be
Holding fast, home at last
Knowing the journey’s through
Lying here with you
I know how the river feels 

This one’s for Owen….


One Comment

  1. This song is beautiful, the video is beautiful, and your words are beautiful. Thank you for sending a gift to Owen. It’s also a gift for me. L.

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