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A friend of mine also writes a blog, and her 20 year old son was found dead in a river this year. There are so many unanswered questions, and so many broken hearts. She wrote that she was visiting in Boston this week, and was staying at a hotel. She mentioned how she had met some educators from Mexico, while waiting for a cab. They were trying out their knowledge of each others languages, and could manage enough (most of the time) to carry on a conversation. She mentioned that when the language attempt failed, they just laughed a lot. And then she told about a man who stayed behind in the lobby to speak with her, after his friends had gotten on the elevator, to go to their rooms. He told her that he had lost his brother when he was a teenager, and she shared that she had recently lost her son. When words failed this time, I am sure there were tears of understanding, threatening to spill over and run down their faces.

Laughter and tears-a universal language where no words, or interpretations are needed. Because it is human to laugh and cry, it is something we all understand.

Crying is actually very healthy for you, and if you want more information about the benefits, read this article that I wrote:

I remember once long ago, I was having some very tragic family problems, and I ran into a friend at the post office. This woman had been my best friend for so many years, but something happened that we were never able to resolve, and our friendship ended. We had not seen each other in a long while. But she asked how I was, and this day I guess the feelings were very close to the surface, because I blurted out my sad story. Wondering if she would secretly be glad that misfortune had come to me, I felt a little embarrassed. But it was then that I noticed a single tear run down her cheek, and I knew that she still cared. That tear said more to me, than all the words spoken ever could have.

Romans 12:15 says, “Rejoice with those that rejoice, and weep with those that weep.” It occurred to me, that if we would just do those two things, what a better world it would be. Sometimes we just want someone to share our joy with, and other times we need someone to share our sorrow.

There’s coming a day when God will wipe away every tear from our eyes, and there will be no more tears in heaven…



  1. Surely, there will be no more tears in heaven. We’re using them all up down here. L.

  2. Such a profoundly sad, but true statement.

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