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Today I took my mom to her diabetes practitioner, and we mentioned that she had been having some noticeable confusion lately. It seems that this morning she had been trying to put her diabetes logs in order, with today’s date first (several days are on one page), and so on. Somehow she could not do it today, and she was so frustrated by the time I got there, that she was almost in tears. At times I try to minimize the seriousness of her confusion, but at other times I think it is important to recognize that she is struggling, and validate her feelings. Some days are better than others. The practitioner gave her a mini mental assessment which she passed with flying colors, except for one part where she was to draw a certain time on the face of a clock. She tried and tried and just couldn’t seem to get it. She had trouble with something similar, when her Internal Medicine doctor gave her an “on the spot” assessment. At any rate, it seems that there are just a few areas where things are not quite connecting right. She tried to take Aricept awhile back, but the side effects were just horrible, so she had to get off of it. She received another prescription today called Namenda. She is going to give it a try, but if she has problems, she can just come off of it also. I guess anything that’s strong enough to help your mind, can also affect it adversely to some degree. So we’ll see. I get scared when she tries new drugs, as she is on so many already, but I know that this is of great concern to her. She is a brilliant lady, and has always been very articulate and knowledgeable. I think its because she realizes that her brain is not functioning as it always has, that it is very frightening and worrisome. She still does her own tax returns, and handles her business quite well, though the amount she has had to deal with since my dad’s death, has been relentless.

But as I sat there today, I felt very happy as she spelled world backwards, and remembered ball, flag and some other word that I cannot now remember-LOL!

But I also felt very sad to watch her struggle to put the hands on the face of the clock to say 3 o’clock. She kept trying, and with each second that passed, I felt my heart break…It seems like we just keep saying goodbye to things…


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