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Well, somehow or other I’ve lost control of the house again. Could it have anything to do with the fact that the bottom floor was flooded a couple of months ago, by careless men working on tearing down our deck, who most often make me think they’re tearing down my house!  (Wow, was that ever a run-on sentence!) Truth is, I had gotten my act together prior to that, and had everything pretty much in order. But then came the flood, and 10 days spent in a motel during the drying out process, etc. Things were turned upside down, and I never really got my motivation back after that. And then of course, there is the fact that my teenage daughter moved back in for a short while. (I don’t think I ever again saw the floor to her room.)

At any rate, being the perfectionist I am (or used to be), it bothers me when things aren’t somewhat orderly. (So I guess you could say I’m quite bothered these days.) 🙂

Sometimes being a woman and having to clean house drives me wild. (If I were a man, perhaps I’d have a wife to do it. No, most likely I’d hire it done.) But the thing is, while I do like a clean house, I hate the drudgery of cleaning it. I resent it greatly. Flylady of calls it the “Home Blessing”. I try to think of it that way, but after a couple of hours, I don’t think of it as a blessing. Actually, the only time I really consider it a blessing…is when it’s done.

Part of this is due to the fact, that I am a creative spirit, who would much rather be writing or reading, or anything but cleaning house. So I run back and forth, from the cleaning to the keyboard, trying to find a brief respite from the mundane tasks.

This house has so many things wrong with it, that it would be easier to move, than fix them. It will probably take the rest of our lives to scratch the surface of what needs to be done. At the moment, our house is missing 2 decks. These were demolished for reconstruction, but the whole project was abandoned, when the guys hit the water pipe that flooded our downstairs. So we are in deck limbo. If I were to open my sliding glass door in the second story living room, I would be like Humpty Dumpty, and would take a great fall. So I live behind closed curtains, trying to remember when we actually had porches, and were able to enjoy the peaceful scenes of our lakeside home. We would spend all evening in the summer on our back porch, resting in the porch swing, and listening to the frogs and crickets. (Wait a minute…did I actually ever live like that?) It is only a faint memory, since the death of my dad, when the care of my mom began to consume my days and nights, and all my thoughts.) So we are poor porchless people at this time. (Don’t you love the alliteration?)

So when I can’t take anymore housework, I run to my computer (though presently, I could easily trip on something getting there), and write articles and abstracts, answer emails, moderate the Grief Discussion Board, and sometimes shop on Ebay. It is an escape from all that isn’t happening in my real life. 🙂

Flylady says that you should declutter for 15 minutes, and then take a 15 minute break. (I really like that part of her philosophy!)

(For my article on “Reducing Stress By Living Simply” visit here:

If I am not being creative, I feel like I am smothering. I have to have an outlet for the thoughts and words that fill my mind. I am determined to find a way to balance all of it, so that I have a clean, orderly house, and a happy creative mind. Tune in later…this could take awhile.


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