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Music has always meant a lot to me. In fact, I married two musicians/singers. (Not at the same time.) I used to sing professionally with my first husband in nightclubs and lounges. I have happy memories of that time. My current husband, Rob, and I owned a Christian Coffeehouse (Crossroads) for four years, and sang together there on the weekends. I loved singing with him. We both enjoy music so much. Our favorite times, were when we would have the coffeehouse all to ourselves, and we would go in to practice. We were in heaven, just singing our hearts out.

Tonight we were listening to music on the computer, and watching some YouTube videos. We were trying to come up with story lines to make one video better. The trouble with story videos, is that it limits your imagination. I have always enjoyed thinking up my own scenarios, as I listened to the music. Images are so powerful, and to go with a song, they have to be right.

Then we went to Kellie Pickler’s MySpace web site, and viewed the video of her at the CMA awards. Kellie is singing a song about her mother, who left her when she was very young. (Her mom has come forward recently, and said that she left, because she was abused by Kellie’s dad.) Kellie co-wrote this song, and sings it from her heart. She broke down, when she sang it on the CMA awards. By the time we finished watching the video again, we both had visible tears in our eyes. Music is so personal,and sometimes the music just gets inside of you.  My heart goes out to her, as I can see that she is really hurting, and in many ways, Kellie’s still just a little girl who needs her mom…


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    • jessica H. underwood
    • Posted September 4, 2008 at 2:30 pm
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    sometimes i wonder…and more like hope that maybe my deep love for music was impressed on me as a child from you both…i am often searching online for that certain song that I can relate to or if im haveing a hard day I can find the one that at that momnet I feel deep down in my soul or more even in my bones..I crank the stereo up the kids and i “dance like no one is watching” I wish alot of times I had been pushed a little more growing up to find persue that creative side in me…it is such a stress releiver at times!

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